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Understanding Sociology

Understanding Sociology

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The description of Understanding Sociology

Understanding Sociology is an app created to help students and teachers. . This app Gives reader an introduction to sociology .This app is specially designed for the students of kashmir university who are pursuing B.A in sociology. This app covers a lot of sociology topics some of the topics are:

What Is Sociology?
Nature Of Sociology
Subject Matter Of Sociology
The History of Sociology
Sociology and Other Social Sciences
The Emergence of Sociology
Theoretical Perspectives
Society and Social Interaction Types of Societies
The Enlightenment
The French Revolution
Causes of French Revolution
French Revolution & Sociology
The Industrial Revolution
Impact Of The Industrial Revolution
Theoretical Perspectives on Society
Theory of Historical Materialism
Conflict Theory
AlienationTheory of Social Action
Types of Social Action
Characteristics of Social Action
Types of Authority

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