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Life Simulator

Life Simulator

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Life Simulator

The description of Life Simulator

A Life Simulator Game

Work your way from a babysitter to a manager to the CEO of your own business.
Manage your health, hunger, and even status as you go through your life.

Upgrade your house, invest, get better jobs, eat better food, become a billionaire.
Buy a fancy car or a teleporter, a nice suit or watch, or even just a pair of nice shades.

Live your life in a box, an apartment, or a mansion.
Work as a babysitter, a janitor, a doctor, or if you are rich enough don't work and just be an investor!

It's better than real life, it's better than your life, it's simulated life!

Download now and leave a review if you enjoy the game!

How far can you make it in this life? in 10? in 100? Challenge your friends and let us know how far you get!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4 +