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Revolver. Russian Roulette

Revolver. Russian Roulette

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Revolver. Russian Roulette

The description of Revolver. Russian Roulette

It’s a very easy to use revolver game.
Load the chamber of the revolver, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger to fire!


If you like weapon, guns, handguns, revolvers, pistols, shotguns and other firearms, this app is what you need!
Try it!
It has very realistic visual effects and sound effects.
It’s a 3D revolver game and it feels almost like a real gun, because of high quality graphics.


You can use this handgun app to play russian roulette with your friends.
Classic rules of russian roulette:
1. Load the chamber of weapon with one bullet
2. Spin the cylinder of the revolver
3. Put the gun to your head
4. Fire!


★Use your phone's volume buttons to control the gun! You can turn on and turn off this function, so you are still able to change volume.
★ You can load into the revolver up to 6 bullets!
★ You can prank your friends with pretty realistic gun sounds!
★ Play russian roulette game safely with a help of this weapon app ;)


I hope you this revolver game, and I want to keep it free for you.
In order to do that, there is ad banner in my app. Thank you!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+