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BMW Wallpaper HD

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BMW (abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works), is a German automotive company that produces cars and motorcycles. BMW was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. BMW is known as one of the high-performance luxury car companies, and also one of the first car companies to use ABS technology.

BMW is one of the companies that has been producing some transportation equipment from airplane to car. It can even be said BMW production car is one of the cars included in the luxury car class. BMW itself is an abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke or interpreted into the discussion of inggrias is Bavarian Motor Works. This German car factory already has several series of which have been launched in Indonesia. All series of cars issued by BMW has a look and a characteristic that you can only find in BMW cars.

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