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Alldox: Documents Organized

Alldox: Documents Organized

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Alldox: Documents Organized
Alldox: Documents Organized
Alldox: Documents Organized

The description of Alldox: Documents Organized

Do your documents have an annoying habit of disappearing when you need them the most? Do you keep everything a little too safe to find it when you actually require them? Be it your Certificates, Medical records, Pay stubs, Receipts and Warranties of expensive electronics, Bills, Tickets or your Business documents.

ALLDOX is a comprehensive and easy solution to a common problem faced by people like you and me: accessing critical documents wherever and whenever you need them. It gives you complete ‘Peace of Mind’ about your documents.

It is a trusted and simple-to-use document management app that enables you to organise your critical life documents in a safe and secure environment by combining a consumer-friendly application with enterprise-level security. ALLDOX is a one stop document tool that lets you scan, save, safe-keep, share, and sign documents online and offline.

Think of it as a portable electronic safety deposit box always on your mobile. Through ALLDOX various features, you can easily manage and access your important life documents such as passports, birth certificates, automobile and property records, critical medical information, and/or warranties for expensive home appliances anytime, anywhere.

ALLDOX app is available on mobile and tablets (iOS and Android) and web (www.alldox.com) so that you can monitor and always stay connected with your key documents.


• Scan: digitize paper documents effortlessly. With your mobile camera you can make single and multipage pdf document.

• AUTODOX: Auto upload documents via mail using AutoDox, a unique feature created especially for busy users like you.

• Manage Originals: ALLDOX helps you remember where you stored original paper documents and can help you track their movements.

• Remove 3rd party password: Get rid of all those annoying passwords with ALLDOX.

• Alerts: You can add alerts on your documents for key tasks e.g. alerts to pay your bills, insurance premiums, renewal of licenses, or to take your child for vaccination.

• Share: Share documents safely via email by adding passwords or by sending one time share links. You can share via WhatsApp too!

• Nominate: Add a nominee to take care of your documents in your absence.

• Access Offline*: Access your documents even when you are not connected.

• Signature On-The-Go*: Sign your documents on the go, eliminate the need to print them.

• ShareRoom*: Create a time bound data room for easy and safe sharing of your documents with others.

• CodeLocker*: Add an security code to your folders for additional privacy.

• LocalOnly*: You have a choice of keeping documents and their details only on your local device.

* Features available for accounts on Power Plan, which comes at a very small price.

We offer 2 plans for home users: Freedom Plan and Power Plan. The Freedom Plan is free and provides you with 1GB worth of storage space. At a small price, you can upgrade to the Power Plan, which provides you with all advanced features and 2GB worth of storage space.

There is also a separate app available for business, which comes with 1+5 user license and 20GB of storage space. A perfect plan for you to manage your business documents seamlessly with your team, easy and secure, anytime and anywhere. If you are a small business, this plan comes to you with 3 months Free trial. Please download ALLDOX BUSINESS at google play.

All your documents are encrypted with AES 256 encryptions and then stored in private locations on Amazon servers, one of the safest places on earth. Only you can access your documents. Security and privacy of your important documents are of paramount concern to us.

ALLDOX is simple and convenient for everyone to use. So what are you waiting for? Download ALLDOX to get your documents organised safely and find them anytime, anywhere!

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Version: Android 3.0 and higher