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WeStamps - Scan, Esign and Edit

WeStamps - Scan, Esign and Edit

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The description of WeStamps - Scan, Esign and Edit

WeStamps is your most advanced all-in-one office assistant.
Scanning & organising documents, affixing stamps, e-signing, adding letterhead, and exporting documents into PDF/ images.

How it works:
1. Quickly scan and save documents in high resolution, whether it is a contract, letter, invoice, form, or bill. (Camera and Storage permissions are needed)
2. Auto-crop with WeStamps and select appropriate filter to spruce up your scanned document.
3. Take annotations to the next level with our wide range of professionally designed commercial stamps.
4. E-sign with date and free text. Keep documents safe by setting a secure password.
5. Personalise your own branding by adding letterhead.
6. Export your important document or masterpiece with a single PDF file or multiple images.

Special Features:
- Password Control Your Document
- Large Collection of Commercial Stamps (e.g. Confidential, Sample, Rejected, Approved... over 500 and steadily increasing)
- Incognito E-Signature. Safe.
- Scan and Generate QR Code and affix it onto the document.
- Import PDF document for editing. (Photos/Media/Files permission is needed)

WeStamps is an encompassing document editor! Work faster and smarter! Download WeStamps now!

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 4.4 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[22.7 MB]