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Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper

Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper

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Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper
Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper
Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper

The description of Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper

Have you ever dreamed of making your phone truly transparent to see and notice everything around even when you look at the screen of your device?
You can follow people, make fun of your friends, or just not encounter a post while reading the message on the run.

This application gives you this opportunity absolutely free.
Transparent Phone Live wallpaper use the back camera of your phone, so you can see everything that's going on around you.
Also, in the settings you can select the option "Use the front camera", and then your phone will turn into a real mirror.

Every time your girlfriend changes her clothes, you can pretend that you are looking at the screen of your phone, but not at ...;)

Or you can play a trick on your friends, making them believe that you have a super new phone model of the latest generation with a new transparent screen technology.
Use your imagination, with this application you can do a huge amount of jokes and pranks.

"Transparent Phone Live Wallpaper" is a great tool which allows you to watch live camera view regardless what you do on your phone or what kind of apps you run.

You can still notice what happened in the street, and who is coming to your back while you are playing game, chatting online, or doing many other things.
Use your phone while walking, talking, texting, shaking, cracking... :)

This app can be useful when you want to use your phone while walking in the city. You can still notice what happens in the street while reading your emails or writing an sms. You will avoid all kind of traps like puddles or holes on the pavement. No sprained ankles and leg casts anymore!

You can use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen.

Moreover, this app is great for making a joke of your friends.
Have fun with your friends and this amazing Transparent Phone live wallpaper.
This Transparent Phone is specially designed for you guys who love funny themes and wallpapers.

Now get a free unique Transparent Screen live wallpaper for your android phone.
Download and apply Transparent Phone live wallpaper for free to decorate your Android phone in a unique style.

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Version: Android 2.3.2 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[0.6 MB]