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Fabulous: Motivate me

Fabulous: Motivate me

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Fabulous: Motivate me
Fabulous: Motivate me
Fabulous: Motivate me

The description of Fabulous: Motivate me

The winner of the Google Award (Google's Material Design Award) in the nomination "Most Charming Engagement".

▌ Applicant for the title of the best Google Play app (Google Play's Best App Award).

▌ Created with the support of the business incubator of the Laboratory of Behavioral Economics at Duke University.

Use scientifically based advice to increase your energy level, significantly improve your health, lose weight and sleep better by developing healthy habits and life patterns.

Achieve your goals in terms of health and productivity, following a step-by-step program.

Just use the Fabulous app for self-discipline and goals, get yourself more active, eat better, sleep tight, lose weight and maintain your motivation by developing 5 healthy habits that will allow you to forget about fatigue and lack of energy.

This is not just an application for controlling habits and accounting for personal parameters. At the heart of Fabulous is an integrated approach, this application will help you become happier.

Start to achieve your New Year goals correctly, thanks to our programs.


★ Is it hard for you to get up in the morning?
★ Are you looking for the right diet to achieve the maximum energy level?
★ Do you suffer from fatigue and feel tired already in the middle of the day?
★ Want to stick to a clear schedule in the morning?
★ Want to get a full charge of energy for 5 hours?
★ Can not sleep at night, because you do not feel tired?
★ Can not concentrate on a specific task because of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?


You will translate your sports and diet to a new level, thanks to our comprehensive program: 7-minute scientific training, meditation practices of Zen and Vipassana for breathing exercises and enlightenment, happiness training, effective sleep sessions and stretching for beginners to maximize flexibility.

You begin with the development of the morning routine, then your personal VOICE PROGRAM will offer you customized advice depending on your daily habits.


★ Effective adapted tips for a healthier lifestyle.
★ A scientifically based approach for developing healthy habits and awareness in your life.
★ Weight loss program without calorie counting, based on the Atkins diet and HCG.
★ Your personal real trainer that will motivate you to achieve your goals!
★ A training program for proper motivation.
★ If you suffer from insomnia, the app will show you what to do to get to sleep quickly.
★ Start with the development of the morning schedule and then add other goals.

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