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Runkeeper - GPS track run

Runkeeper - GPS track run

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Runkeeper - GPS track run
Runkeeper - GPS track run
Runkeeper - GPS track run

The description of Runkeeper - GPS track run

Join the 26-million-user community of RunKeeper users who have already turned the phone into a personal pocket coach! Track walks, jogs, hikes and bike rides with GPS on your Android phone.

Track your physical activity and enjoy it:
- Look at detailed statistics on the pace, distance, time and burned calories.
- Listen to the statistics, achievements and instructions of the trainer through the headphones in the form of built-in audio replicas.
- Listen to music and manage it during training.
- Measure the pulse with all kinds of sensors (the permissible range of the pulse rate depends on the weight).
- Take pictures, save them and show them to your friends right during training.
- Update your body weight to accurately calculate calories burned.

Dynamic evaluation of achievements:
- Look through a detailed log of training (running, walking, cycling, and so on) to assess your own strengths and capabilities.
- Receive notices of new personal records and passed boundaries.
- Compare your progress with your goals.
- Thoroughly designed plans will help you achieve specific results (for example, run for weight loss or a 5 km run).
- Keep all workouts in the form of routes for reuse.

Share the news with your friends:
- Publish workout statistics (routes, distances, calories and time), fitness achievements and training regimes through Facebook and Twitter and share them with friends via RunKeeper.
- Show your fans a LIVING map of training and racing (this requires a subscription to RunKeeper Elite).

Get a better understanding of your health through RunKeeper.com:
- Combine the data on physical activity with data from more than 70 applications and services (Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, etc.) and get a deeper understanding of the overall state of your health.
- View detailed reports on monitored activity levels, calories burned and dropped kilograms, and other dynamic statistics.

Track, measure and improve your health along with RunKeeper!

Attention! Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher