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Calorie Abs Workout

Calorie Abs Workout

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The description of Calorie Abs Workout

Do you want to burn belly fat, and have six pack abs ?Do you want to show up your perfect body in the summer? Busy work, Do you haven’t too much time for exercise? Now begin to use this super effective abdominal exercise app called Abs Workout to create the perfect abs!
These exercises are suitable for people of all levels, and you can start exercising at home or anywhere and anytime.
Just spend a few minutes a day and you'll have the sexy abdominal muscles that you've always dreamed of!

30-day exercise program to help you have six packs and a stronger body
Very effective exercise to help you manage your weight and build muscle
Exercise intensity gradually increases
Custom workout reminder time
Automatically record exercise progress
Suitable for everyone: beginners, experts, men, women

Different levels of exercise
Burn Belly Fat, Wear Six ABs, and Hard Six ABs. The 3 levels of exercise program can help you burn belly fat and build a perfect abdominal muscle step by step. Whether you have a fitness experience or not, you can find an exercise program that suits you. Every day has a different workout, keep you always fresh and fun.

Abdominal exercise for 30 days
The system will help you develop a 30-day exercise program to help you establish your exercise goals. All workouts are free and can help you burn belly fat efficiently and exercise your abdominal muscles. The difficulty of exercise is gradually enhanced, helping you to develop a good habit of exercising every day.
This Abs Workout challenge app is designed by experts. You can set daily exercise goals, gradually increase super effective abdominal muscle exercise, gradually burn belly fat and make better body shape.

Animation and video guide
It has been scientifically proven that "training six abs - abdominal muscles in 30 days" can really help you strengthen your abdominal muscles. All actions are accompanied by animation and video guidance. So you can be sure that you can do every action safely and efficiently.

Download this super effective abs workout app for free and start working out at home to build muscle, tone your belly, burn belly fat, lose weight faster. You'll have sixpack abs in no time!

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