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super high volume booster pro

super high volume booster pro

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super high volume booster pro

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--------------welcome to super high volume booster pro-----------------------------

Now you can improve your loudspeakers sound with this amazing app and design interface makes it easy for you to just slide the volume bar to the maximum.
yes you can increase speaker loud ness and sound booster increaser of your mobile phone 50% 60% by using it. Its amplifier and incrase your sound booster very easly

*** features***:

* 5 presets Effect with super high volume
* Headphone volume booster and Speaker of phone auto boost sound.
*set volume levels from the system applications
* Loudness enhancer - super loud Volume amplifier
* Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Balance Control
* increase volume, super loud speaker sound
* Turn on / off music player with volume boost
* Music ampli¡er sound booster with 5 band Equalizer
* Adjusting the volume level
* Amplier music player dj
* Visualizer gives amazing look to your phone.
* Music play with equalizer and visualizer and bass booster
*Phone extra loud volume booster increase sound quality.
* SongList with repeat shufle.
*Equal high volume and Headphone Amplifier
*Increase the volume on the phone with only 1 touch
*Increase the sound for video, media, notify, call, alarm
*Increase the volume of the earpiece
*Music equalizer sound hd
*volume booster without root
*2019 MP3 music player with Visualizer
*Audio players with high equalizer
*low equalizer
*Increase volume
*Virtual effect and sound amplifier
*Music Free Music Player with Volume Amplifier

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400 high volume booster sound booster (super loud)

Just press the boost button and enjoy your crisp and clear music volume for your phone.
you can easily boost all your phone sound to a maximum value

thank you and have fun with this amazing app

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+