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Helper for CS:GO

Helper for CS:GO

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The description of Helper for CS:GO

Be smarter than your enemy!

Do you want to up your rank in CS:GO? Be able to make the right weapon buy and constantly read the enemy's economy! Application "Helper for CS:GO" is specially made so that you and your team buy weapons wisely and you always will be ready for rush with pistols and grenades on enemy's eco-round.

Install this app, place your smartphone or tablet in front of the keyboard and get ready with your team to unexpected turns in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive matchmaking mode!

Specify round's key events to track the enemy's economy with just a few touches at the end of each round:
√ Enemy's victory or defeat
√ Set or defusing bomb
√ Number of surviving enemies
√ Enemy's buy (full-buy, force-buy, eco-buy)

"Helper for CS:GO" is able to automatically enter most of the values. After entering round's data you will immediately see picture of the enemy's economy - the average amount of money in enemy team and tips for their buy.

Will eco? Wait for rush! In general, do you know what to do.

Depending on the situation, the application will tell you the best way to buy weapon in the current round, that the opposition to the opponent will be most effective. See what your teammates are buying wrong? With the help of "Helper for CS:GO" you will be able to advise them what will be better to buy in a current round.

Key Features:
⍟ Simple and intuitive tool for tracking enemy's economy;
⍟ Useful recommendations about optimal buying in each round;
⍟ Intuitive interface;
⍟ Tips on enemy's average amount of money and their buy;
⍟ Automatic assistance in specifying the key events of the completed round;
⍟ Basic information on each of the rounds played.

Warning: This application is only for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive matchmaking mode with the bomb scenario on official servers. Recommended for ranks "Master Guardian II" and higher.

All suggestions to improve application or recommendations of enemy's economy submit by mail.

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/csgorektclub

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+

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