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HyperMemoryCleaner free Memory

HyperMemoryCleaner free Memory

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Android 8.0 and later are not supported.

To ensure the free memory by generating LowMemoryKiller is the end of the process the standard method of the OS.

The views of the defragmentation of memory so to ensure a batch of large-capacity memory. I think to say that optimization, the thing you do not have but like defragment.

You think that it is going to end from the application of low priority and performs the memory allocation of the remaining good exercise from watching the situation in the memory pressure of last minute LowMemoryKiller to fire as much as possible, but not invoked since iffy quite the triggering requirements of LowMemoryKiller There is also a case.
In that case, I think in most cases, when you activate this if you run again. In this area, please try to experiment a few times since it depends on the conditions of the application, such as during start-up and models.
Which app do you want to quit, and has become the OS as soon as is secure except for the large-capacity memory, because you have not done basically. (You can not anyhow specifications androidOS since has become wonder such a specification.)

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