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Open signal
Open signal
Open signal

The description of Open signal

In your hands, a practical solution to the problems of poor cellular communications and broken calls, supported by all users of the application. The compass will guide you to a better connection, and coverage maps will help you determine the best operator (especially useful if you want to change it). The Wifi point map allows you to find out about where the nearest free internet is.

The application includes:

✓ A compass that shows where your cellular connection is coming from
✓ Map of cellular towers and Wifi points
✓ Test download speed, download, and ping
✓ Cover maps specify the best - and worst - 2G, 3G, and 4G locations
✓ Independent comparison of the speed of each operator

The application is free and without ads.

It also includes:
✓ Widget
✓ Ability to share your results and compare them with friends
✓ Personal statistics of the quality of your communication
✓ Setting a background that changes with the level of communication (instruction on http://opnsg.nl/signal-wallpaper)
✓ Ability to save data on SD card

The communication speed test measures both cellular and fixed communication via Wifi. The ping test goes through regular servers and pages (Google and Facebook). Tests of downloading and downloading go through the same servers that the Internet is on.

The "Statistics" page allows you to monitor the traffic flow and you do not exceed the voice and Internet limits. (To help you with this, the application needs information about calls and SMSs. They are needed for counting, but they are never read and not listened. using a packet-sniffer).

Maps use Google, but if you can not watch Google maps on your phone, contact us. Maps are not updated in real time, but we are making all the data you send to improve maps and information about operators.

- Not all mobile towers and Wifi points are on our maps, but we are working on it!
- If your connection passes through a CDMA network, the application will show that you are connected to only one tower.
- Approaching the tower does not always improve communication (it depends on the terrain).

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.3 and higher