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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

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TrueAlarm Barcode-scanning alarm clock.
A unique alarm clock, one of whose main functions is the option to scan a barcode to disable the alarm.
The flexible alarm clock can be programmed as you like! You can use it as an ordinary, classical alarm clock; program it to recognize any barcode in order to be disabled; or program it to recognize a specific, pre-saved barcode in order to be disabled. You can regulate the number of times the snooze option is available to you and at what intervals. You can even select the freeze mode option, which freezes the application until you scan a barcode or enter text, which leaves you no choice but to get up from bed in order to turn off the alarm clock, which means that the alarm is guaranteed to achieve its goal – to get you out of bed!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 +

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