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Stopwatch Timer

Stopwatch Timer

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The description of Stopwatch Timer

A stopwatch or a timer is an instrument that allows you to measure time. If you want to measure time that takes your friend to run 100 meters, or to ride some distance on a bike or roller skates, you can do it easily. You can also use it on a kitchen to learn how much time does it take for your tea kettle to boil or to follow some recipe with precision. Now you can compare your own running time with your previous achievements or other people records. It is well suited for all distances and all kinds of activities. Large buttons enable you to easily manage the application and measure the time.
The interface is easy to use and highly intuitive.
This application will be useful to sportsmen of all levels and ages, for coaches and parents.
The stopwatch can also be used in a lab or in a school for a precise measurement of a duration of any process. Press the Start and the counting will begin. After that you can press Stop and stop the time. You can also press Lap and the Stopwatch will register time when you did that without stopping the clock. If you are running track on a stadium, you can conveniently register the time you ran first or second lap. After that you can easily scroll the resulting list of lap times. The number of lap times is unlimited. The time is being registered with high precision, up to 1 thousandth of a second. The application also logs hours, minutes and seconds. If you need to start counting from a fresh start, just press Reset. Now you can start a new counting from zero.

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