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Charm Farm - Forest village

Charm Farm - Forest village

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Charm Farm - Forest village

The description of Charm Farm - Forest village

You are out to explore a faraway mysterious forest, where a civilization of intelligent beings has been found! In order to become friends with them, you decide to help them with their new settlement. Soon you realize you have become the main character of the story.

* Grow incredible plants,
* Mine extraordinary minerals,
* Meet lots of nice characters,
* Breed some adorable creatures,
* Apply resources at factories and workshops,
* Craft beautiful and useful items,
* Sell them at neighbors’ markets,
* Send airships full of goods to the human world,
* Decorate your village to your own taste,
* Go deeper into the forest, reveal new mysteries,
* And so much more!

Charm Farm - is a special farm village simulator perfectly combined with fascinating magic, entertaining science and gripping ethnography. Each chapter will bring you the joy of a warm friendly atmosphere! The adventure starts here!

Support: https://help.nevosoft.com/help?game_mobile=char_and

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4+