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Subway Scooter Surf

Subway Scooter Surf

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Version 2 Live:

Carlyle the Cat is back for the holidays and this time he is more crazy than ever! He now has chests full of candy under his arm and is not giving it back to the kids. Your mission is to dodge the Subway Obstacles and jump, roll, duck, dive, shoot and fly your way to a new all-time high score!

What are you waiting for? Pick a character and jump on your scooter to surf the new city subway.

Endless Gameplay
Silky Smooth Controls
Never-ending new track systems
Dynamic obstacle avoidance techniques
4 Characters with updates coming soon!

Dash into action with your new Subway Scooter!

Swipe Left - Move lane left
Swipe Right - Move lane right
Swipe Up - Jump
Swipe Down - Roll
Tap Screen - Shoot Power-Up Item

You're ready! Go jump, dash and blast your way through breakable obstacles and eerie moving pillars of doom!

The more coins you collect the more you gain in power-ups from the store menu. You can race your friends and see who can survive the longest during a run or just play casually to pass time.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+