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Call of Sniper Mountain Shoot

Call of Sniper Mountain Shoot

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Call of Sniper Mountain Shoot

The description of Call of Sniper Mountain Shoot

Do you like to explore the jungle? Do you like fighting the terrorists in the mountains? the game will satisfy you and let you experience shooting and exterminating terrorists in the jungles of the mountains.

Put on camouflage clothing, picked up the muffler gun, hidden in the dense forests. Mountain Sniper is a protracted war and takes a long time to endure until the enemy relax vigilance, defeat the enemy's core goals, and quickly and safely retreat or quickly defeat all the enemy! the war you do not have an Allied army, only a fine gun, there are wonderful fields to accompany, listening to the breeze blowing bleak woods, perhaps the most careful place for a sniper.

Join the battle, carefully destroy each enemy. In the destruction of the enemy at the same time to ensure their own safety, so as to complete the mission. Become a sniper hero on the battlefield.

Call of Sniper Mountain Shoot Features:
- real environment climate
- A lot of powerful weapons and equipment
- Realistic sniper gun shooting effect
- Realistic 3D graphics
- High-quality sniper experience
- challenging mission

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0+