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King of Street Fighting 2018

King of Street Fighting 2018

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King of Street Fighting 2018

The description of King of Street Fighting 2018

King of street fighting and fist fighting is here. Fight in the ultimate battle one man army simulator and knock out bad guys. Choose from a series of four super hero characters and fight enemies. Clear street after street in King of Street Fighting 2018 and enjoy street fights and spectacular user interface.
Enjoy street fighting like never before, with an intractable 3d environment and stunning HD graphics. Fight the bad guys and knock out multiple enemies in a one man army battle. Fight multiple gangsters alone and kill gangsters to clear an area. Fight boss class enemies such as killer aliens, warrior robots and devouring monsters. King of Street Fighting 2018 presents you the amazing street fighting simulator of 2018. Jump, kick, punch and block. Learn the basics of street fighting combat and master the combat style of each player and perform amazing combos and take down different enemies.
You have to go on different missions and fight hundreds of bad guys coming at you in waves. After the normal gangsters there come stronger enemies and larger ones. After you kill the gangsters you have to fight robots, aliens and different monsters. Clear the area and collect bonus points by killing multiple enemies at the same time. Fight in a brand new dimension of 3D street fighting and discover new amazing experience of street fighting game.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0+