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US Army Bus Driving

US Army Bus Driving

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US Army Bus Driving

The description of US Army Bus Driving

Get yourself ready for playing US Army Bus Driving - Military Transporter Squad game where you would experience very challenging army bus driving on deadly offroad tracks. You have to play as the transporter of armed force on different us trucks, buses and jeeps etc. You have to show your professional us army driving skills for proving yourself that you are the best army bus driver of all military bus simulation games.

You have to drive on dangerous offroad tracks: while driving army transporter bus you would face various blind turns, thrilling u-turns and land slidings on various off-road tracks. Began your army driving journey from the base camp fully loaded with latest weapons, tanks and with other war-related tools. All the soldiers are fully equipped with heavy guns and other weapons. These US soldiers are waiting for you because you have to pick them up and have to take them to the war area where those military soldiers would fight for their country.

Your transport duty is not as easy as you think because you have to transport army men that can be the precious asset of any country. You have been given this army transportation duty because you are experienced army transport driver. You have to drive the army bus through various dangerous paths. Being a military officer driver you have to be extra careful because sometimes you might have to drive through lethal deserts or dense forests that are an extreme threat to life. If you are not able to drive properly then fighting soldiers would reach their destinations on time and your county may lose the battle.

You would face an extreme challenge while crossing hilly mountains because hill bus driving is a tough task especially when there is any land sliding or rainstorm on the way. Be the expert driver of all army vehicles like an army tank, army bus, army plane etc. for giving your full service to your army. Being a military coach driver is not less than any honor, you should be pride on your duty of driving the offroad bus for serving your military squad.

The game scenario of the US army bus driving seems to be simple like you just have to drive the military coach but in reality, it’s a very tough duty because you have to take care of all army force. Your one mistake may finish the whole army troop and all army training courses would be wasted. So be careful and transport us armed force troops from army check post to other base camps.

*** Features of US Army Bus Driving 2019 - Military Transporter Squad ***
* variety of challenging and exciting missions
* numerous army buses and military coaches
* realistic offroad and city environment
* real physics-based army bus controls
* soothing sound effects
* purpose build game environment
* best bus simulator game for kids
* highly addictive gameplay
* best offroad bus game
* compatible on numerous devices
* multiple camera angles for controlling the bus

Just hit the install button for enjoying the army adventure by driving army bus on uphill offroad tracks.

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Version: 4.1+