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Wild Gorrila Hunter archer 2019

Wild Gorrila Hunter archer 2019

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Wild Gorrila Hunter archer 2019

The description of Wild Gorrila Hunter archer 2019

Wild animal hunter 2019 is a very engaging, adventurous and addictive game to hunt wild gorrila and african buffalo, with real archer some amazing graphics and sound effects.Do you want to become a hunter and saviour, use your bow and arrow like hero hunter to hunt wild animals.We are introducing a hunting animals like ancient era to hunt with bow and arrow to become the best hunter 2019. Develop your archery shooting skills by becoming a hunter.

A best hunter have passion of hunting and never give up whatever threat comes on way, hit the animals with perfect headshot to hunt african buffalo and gorilla in one shoot. if you hit the body it will attack you and hunt the african wild animals before it hunt down you and become a skilled animal hunter.In this game you have You are an archer in jungle and you have to hunt the African animal shooting with arrows and prove your self champion bow hunter of 2019.
Take your bow arrow shooting archer to begin arrow hunter adventure in first person simulator hunting game.Fantastic game with amazing game play, a new addiction for the archery games and medieval weapon fan to hunt gorrila and african buffalo.Be accurately and patiently as a real superhero archer , but don’t miss the wild animals to hunt after you misses them they attack you as they find you.Test your skills to find best hero bow arrow hunter in yourself and be the best buffalo and gorilla Hunter of this wild Hunting Season 2019 .
- Real world environments of jungle
- A range of dangerous gorilla and African buffalo to shoot.
- Fun and Realistic gameplay with multiple levels
- Incredible adventure like super archer hero
- Choose the different types of bows

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+