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Throne : Fighting Game

Throne : Fighting Game

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Throne : Fighting Game

The description of Throne : Fighting Game

Throne: Fight Game: Throne Fight Game is a NEW release addictive real-time strategy and simulation to control your war game where you fight armies, dragons, and recruiting heroes to obtain your goal to forge your empire and rule over the kingdom!

The time has come to establish your own dragon empire legend! Explore new territories to expand your legendary empire and defeat enemy troops in epic real-time battles. You, as a king, will build your own kingdom, develop civilization, train dragons, kill monsters, rally your allies to capture territory, defeat the enemies from all over the world, seize the throne, fight for glory!

Glorious victories in bloody battles for supremacy in the Kingdom and the brutal struggle for the ancient Throne are just a small part of all the adventures that await you in the lands of fearless rulers.

Don’t miss the chance to conquer your empire and become a legend.

Throne: Fight Game is completely free to play; however, some items still can be purchased with real money.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+