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Extreme Shooting Strike

Extreme Shooting Strike

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Extreme Shooting Strike

The description of Extreme Shooting Strike

Extreme shooting strike is all about the terrorist attack on a military base. It is time to strike back and claim the army shooting area. Sniper shooters are everywhere so beware of them, sneak through the enemies and hit back to reclaim the territory. Test your killer shooting strike still with smooth and easy controls to get back control of counter forced area and shooting striking area.

The solider in this game has practiced in mafia gangs and is best of bottle shooter around the army, player has an experience of gun shooting, rifle shooting and sniper shooting. So use him successfully to execute all the terrorist squad to be the best of anti terrorist shooting missions.

Learn to survive the shooting of terrorists as a commando to become best soldier of army. Download extreme shooting strike for sniper skills and fighting values. Turn yourself into killing spree and become best of counter attack soldier of your country.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+