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Sniper Shoot Assassin US

Sniper Shoot Assassin US

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Sniper Shoot Assassin US

The description of Sniper Shoot Assassin US

This is the best FPS sniper game!
Pick up your sniper rifles and join the top elite anti-terrorist organization. Become the top elite anti-terrorist sniper, the elimination of terrorists.
This is the most exciting and challenging FPS game that gives you the most real sniper experience. Here you and your team fight against terrorists and destroy the base of terrorists. Different snipers join forces to act together. Whether you can accurately find the terrorists on the map and destroy them? Do not hesitate to take action to eliminate terrorist organizations.

Terrorist groups are making chaos around the world. Civilians in various regions are at risk. You and your team accept the mission to travel around the world, destroy terrorists, and penetrate enemy camps to find and destroy valuable targets. mission accomplished. You are an elite sniper, no room for compassion, only to shoot!

How to play:
- The left side of the screen controls the sliding movement
- Slide the right side of the screen
- Target the farther target by sniper mirror

- with the elite sniper together against the terrorist group
- the fight against terrorists around the world
- Real and challenging FPS sniper experience
- stunning music and sound effects
- countless thrilling tasks
- High quality picture
- all kinds of destructive weapons
- realistic scenes and models

You and your team are the last hope of destroying the threat of terrorism! It's time to go!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+