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Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game

Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game

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Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game

The description of Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game

Become last line of defense and save mankind from extinction!

- fight through the city and kill epic enemies,
- live through dramatic battles against space invaders,
- kill thousands of enemies and save the earth,
- stand on the front line of war and test your determination,
- become legendary hero and live through exciting tale,
- defend your grounds,
- use two guns at the same time,
- superb graphics and sound,

Lonely hero, countless of enemies and war to win!

Intergalactic war destroyed earth, battlefields and war becomes everyday experience for everyone. Cities are burning and nations vaporizing. Only true commando can find his way through nightmares of war start fighting his way to victory. Death lies around when dead invaders wanders around destroying our legacy.

Trigger your wrath and use it against deadly hostiles. Use your gun (or even two at the same time) and kill those aliens. Call your army and attack their troops. Only your brothers and you can achieve huge army objectives.

Zombie invasion from galactic depths require sacrifice and duty to overcome difficulties. Complicated circumstances of earth forced you to fight alone, as a hunter. Take your futuristic gun and blast your way on warfare fields.

Use your ultimate sniper training and start eliminating your opponents. Every killed enemy have definitive effect on the war line.

Best free shooter has arrived once again - shoot, kill and destroy to achieve one ultimate target - defeat their queen and win. FPS - first person shooter - genre obtained new noble representative. Ruined human cities on the edge of fallen, lat human hope, full of revenge.

Fun, Free and best shooting game ever

No limits just zombie killing, when you walks around, in modern cities which transformed into warfare. No energy or forced purchases, just fun from walking and killing space zombies. Epic journey waits. All you is to become ultimate terminator of space plague.

Survival Mode

When you finish fighting and shooting from all your guns, you should try endless survival game mode in apocalyptic environment. As last commando fight against dreadful waves of zombie arachnids. Absolute new first person shooter quality in games. Fight as long as you can and proclaim your domination on leaderboards. Compete with other post apo hitmans from all around the world.

Great Visuals

Huge city mapped with perfect quality as a warfare zone. Different times if day and dynamically changing light makes unique mood of apocalyptic acts of war.

Space undead bugs

Plenty of different kinds of enemies - small and deadly ones can call othersand bring destruction. They are fast and sneaky. On the other hand you meet bigger ones, slower but tougher. And at the end of the epic campaign player will challenge the ultimate queen of hostile specie.

Complex campaign

Travel through city flooded in combat and trigger astonishing episodes. Hide in abandoned houses and reclaim what always belonged to mankind. And do it with two guns at the same time. Equip with grenades, armor and first aid packs and shoot them until you or them will be dead. Defend your position and live horrific waves of walking spider zombies. Survive long enough and move to another spot, closer to your biggest nightmare.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3+