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Re:1994 3D horror game

Re:1994 3D horror game

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Re:1994 3D horror game
Re:1994 3D horror game
Re:1994 3D horror game

The description of Re:1994 3D horror game

"Re:1994" is the second version of "1994"!
A Japanese horror escape game with 3D point of view! You can enjoy the terror at a realistic school situation!
Completely renewed the game system of 1994!
New stages like on the roof or in the gym and new spirits, you will encounter the magnified terror much more spectacular than previous one.
Twitter hushtag is #re1994. Share information with other players and solve the mystery of the school.
#First Version '1994 Escape from the school'
Headphones are recommended.
Play by play is OK.
How to play.
It's an authentic horror game and also search and escape game. Walk around in the school, collect keys and solve the riddles to escape.
While you are playing your Life will be sucked little by little. When Life is exhausted, the game will be over.
Search the game points and save Life.
No way to attack spirits. Only you can do is just run.
To move, use the left stick. To change your point of view, use the right stick.
Tap objects to check them. (Active range of tap is 2m)
You can save the game to check certain objects in the game.
One Life will be restored per 30 minutes.
System Requirements
Android4.0 or above.
If your terminal does not function, clear the memory.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher