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Segway Rider

Segway Rider

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Segway Rider
Segway Rider
Segway Rider

The description of Segway Rider

In this decade a you may have seen many segway running on road. Segway,(electric vehicle, self-balancing two wheeler for personal transport) very flexible vehicle to travel in near places. In real life its a awesome time, when we are going on drive with this vehicle, just for enjoyment on holiday. This experience with more fun is here in this game.
This is the game which experience you to ride a segway in city road. It's Segway simulated game in mega city.
Graphics is designed considering real city with trees, plants, garden ground,hoardings etc. You as a player will ride a segway on the well designed roads.

To add more fun in segway simulation, We have designed game as follow.
You have to collect candy(pick up object) within limited time. when you will ride in fast speed to collect it in limited time, you have to deal with barricade ( an obstacle) and edges of road.
Considering user experience of playing this game we have set increased difficulty level wise. We ensure you that you will have more n more fun by completing level one by one.
Its climax of excitement when you have few coins remaining to finish a level and have very less time.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher