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Starship Escape

Starship Escape

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Starship Escape
Starship Escape
Starship Escape

The description of Starship Escape

A huge spaceship in outer space was captured by the enemy. Everybody is dead. Luckily you were making repairs in the most distant part of the ship and enemies didn't find you. Now you need to survive and escape. You're not a hero, you're an ordinary mechanic. Every single enemy soldier is deadly danger for you. You have to use your mind and your skills to effectively hide, evade patrols, sneak, attack and use the environment of the ship to your advantage. You'll need all your luck.
– Hardcore survival
You have no weapons, you have no armour. It will be very hard but you have to survive.

– Robot-assistant
The game involves using your robot-assistant that can explore levels and interact with various ship systems.

– Different approaches
Sometimes you can sneak unwitnessed, and sometimes you can try to kill as many enemies as possible. Each style of play gives a unique experience.

– Bosses
Each boss requires a special unexpected approach.

– Lots of puzzles
The ship's environment will put impassable obstacles in front of you, and only your mind can help you to move further.

"Beautiful, intense and bloody game
for those who like challenge!"

"An Interesting Twist to the Stealth Genre"

"Easy to learn hard to master – it really is"

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher