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Underworld City Crime

Underworld City Crime

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Underworld City Crime
Underworld City Crime
Underworld City Crime

The description of Underworld City Crime

When crime starts in the city, it is difficult to stop.

The story of this game is based on crime which covers the whole city, street and all other areas. Culprits take over the whole city where they are ruled now. There is not a single chance to survive in this city for the civilians. All the civilians are trapped in their homes. No one can speak louder unless if culprits allow them. You are the highly ranked officer in the troop and that’s why you are assigned this difficult mission. But don’t worry you have all the weapons to kill these enemies.

Game Levels:
Underworld crime city have six levels. Detail of each level is mentioned here
Level 1: Here you find bunch of culprits and your mission is to kill the entire enemy.
Level 2: Here you find bunch of culprits and they also have auto machine gun
Level 3: Enemy has sniper guns and they cover all the roof top of the city. You mission is to kill all the snipers with your sniper gun.
Level 4: Here your mission is to destroy all the machine guns
Level 5: Kill the snipers and destroy the auto machine gun
Last Level: Here your main target is to destroy the enemy’s Humvee by placing bomb

Game Feature:
1) Very elegant and realistic environment
2) Smooth game control
3) Easy game play
4) Easy user interface
5) Excellent music and sound effects
6) Advance Enemy AI
7) Many Weapons

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher