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Street Shadow Fighting Champion

Street Shadow Fighting Champion

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The description of Street Shadow Fighting Champion

Punch, kick, and KO the opponent, relax and have fun in Street Shadow Fighting Champion!

Colorful pictures, smooth animation, super realistic physics effects and special effects to create a lively world of fighting!

Game Features:

◆ Smooth picture and ultra-realistic physical effects;
◆ 24 factions of different fighters for your choice;
◆ Simple control, just two buttons to complete the super cool even strokes;
◆ 10 seasons, a total of 50 points, so you feel absolutely smooth cool combat experience;
◆ Android 4.0 above all the devices can play this action game;
◆ Play unlimited places, no network, want to play to play;
◆ 3 players team battle, you can take 3 characters to participate in the battle, through the role of the switch to get a better attack and cooperation.


◆ Click on the left and right sides of the screen to attack, continuous click or left and right toggle click to release even strokes;
◆ At the same time, click on both sides of the screen to enter the defensive state, can reduce the attack damage;
◆ Attack and be attacked both can accumulate energy, energy can be released after the super skills bar is full;
◆ Click on the left side of the avatar can switch the role of war.

Fascinating 3D gaming experience, tailored to your favorite fighting game!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3.2 and higher