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Real Gangster City Theft

Real Gangster City Theft

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The description of Real Gangster City Theft

Real gangster city theft game!
The most powerful fighter gangster theft auto
In this thrilling city crime, rob your property by taking away their prized vehicles and sports motors, win your standoff with mafia mob. Being a real gangster, can't follow any laws, only to focus your goal and find locations of all the enemies vehicles. Fight against mobster and shoot with your pistols in city in order to get their cars.

Gangster city auto, get in the car or motor to ride or racing with your rivals in the crime city. Console quality controls, 3D open world theft mission and show your awesome gangster skills. Surviving in the crime city takes more than just shooting gang members of the rival outfit and going on gang wars to gain control of the turf.

Explore the new world of auto theft, with numerous vehicles to drive and master. With loads of heat from rival gangster and police, survive the dangerous world of crime city and unlock various characters to play and expand your gang. Find several ways to make money, steal cars, earn cash, and rise to the top in this mafia simulator.

Real Gangster City Theft Features:
.Gangster city crime theft auto
.Easy to control
.High-quality graphics
.Real 3D effects
.Multi-level quest
.Powerful music
.Racing with driving skill
.Upgrade your props
.Explore the new city

If you are a fan of third person shooting games, open the world mafia, car theft or free roaming gangster. Gangster city theft auto has everything to offer to you play.

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher

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