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Criminal Clown gangsters simulator

Criminal Clown gangsters simulator

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Criminal Clown Gangsters Simulator with Grand Actions in Crime City!
Vegas Crime City Clown Gangster brings you the ultimate fun of villain strike in a city which was never been through destruction and misleading. This super new concept of city battle with clown features is very challenging and exciting, you have the extra benefit of a hidden gangster which is not easy by the police to spot due to clown look. You have the chance to fight with the hidden crime mafia and casino gangsters in this all-new Clown gangster strike killer game. The new addition of clown face changing is the strong point for you in this mafia battle. Your objective is to become the leading crime mafia lord of the Vegas city by not only beating the already present robbers but also the police force.

Vegas Crime City Clown Mafia Gangsters in San Andreas brings you the virtual experience of starting your criminal career in this city full of threatening killers. You can start threatening the local car drivers and bus drivers with your scary clown face and snatch their vehicles. The clown mask will help you fool around the police approaching the crime scene. When you come in close combat with the crime lords, you can enter their bunkers and casinos without any hesitation due to shadow clown. This vegas city crime clown simulator brings you the ultimate fun of being a part of swat team assault and shadow survival of gangsters in close combat situations with other Mafia Gangsters. Enter the city of brutal crimes with a new look and rule the world of deadly underworld mafia. Vegas city clown mad driving blindfolding with law seekers and the bloodshed of Vice and Sin in San Andreas is a real-time futuristic clown gameplay.

Criminal Mafia Clown Gangsters Simulator comprises of various city crime missions and you have to complete all the missions to become the clown lord of the superhero angry battle. In this real-life Gangster Mafia Clown Crime Simulator, closely enjoy the fun of city crimes and become a part of it by crazy clown driving and clown pranks threatening the public in dark hallways and basements. Enter police stations and roast the police personnel with dirty clown killing tactics to spread your fear in vegas crime city. Scare people with your extreme weapons and scary clown stickers. Use scary featured weapons and strange clown masks to become all-time dangerous clown killer Lord.

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Version: Android 4.0 and higher