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Amazing Superhero: fatal fight

Amazing Superhero: fatal fight

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The description of Amazing Superhero: fatal fight

Ready! Steady! Go! Superhero app on your personal device – just download, save your city and the whole University!

Free amazing games for everyone – feel like a superhero

There is a virtual world of brave pals with extra power. Here you can be as an Iron man in the world of battles. You are the part of an amazing team of guardian dudes. Now you must save good citizens, help police captain to keep the order and kick the bad ones. Experience an incredible conversion of a rogue into a super man.

The plot

What should you do with your super abilities and power? How to become a champion in a short time? There are a couple of opportunities:

1. A martial art practice.
2. A special academy graduation for unique people, like Superhero.
3. Fighting with bad guys in your free time.
4. Learning to control a force.

Or you can break into the secret laboratory and steal hidden incredible stuff here. Decision is yours. But you should know that with great power come great responsibilities and new challenges. Career criminals and guys from more than four criminal structures notice, that something goes wrong in Strange City and there is a new hero and champion and he is not from Comics. But you have one “iron”fist, or even two, and strong will to fight with criminals. Are you ready for an amazing contest? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – let’s go – be a hero and take care of Strange City’s future.


You are in Strange City – place, where nobody can be safe. There are a lot offences here – shootings, fights, car accidents, armed robberies and so on. It is a place with a lot of shadows and criminal’s rules. It is a global contest of the war between good and evil. This city needs super brave heroes and you are the champion among of them.

The main goal

Of course you have to fight again crimes. So you have special quests with specific purpose. When you finish your task, you will have amazing benefits, such as coins and a new game experience. You have a map, where you can see crimes and the definition of mission. There is epic, fatal battle against criminal man or group of them in each mission. You can solve the problem with blood or without it according to circumstances. Use your fist to save civilians. Also you can use iron weapon. What is more, you always can double your prize according to the rules. For you, now after your coolest adventure, where you are a champion, it is an epic homecoming.

The main features:

1. Free app.
2. Interesting quests.
3. The ability to turn into superhero.
4. Feasibility graphic.
5. A strong sense of justice development, because of virtual fighting with bad guys.
6. Games are different from comics and their typical plot.
7. It is clear for woman and man all ages, even for kids.
8. Dynamic gameplay.
9. Playing in a format of adventure.
10. Offline action (no Wi-Fi games)
11. Unlimited play-time in the app.

The games from Fun Action Apps Company become more and more popular because they create a Superhero Fatal Battle and other fantastic apps for men from America and all around the world with love. They help gamers feel the atmosphere of real combat, turn into hero and fight with crimes or even with alliance (oops, some kind of spoiler). It is amazing opportunity to become an entirely new man. Download and change your future in the hero way!

Superhero Fatal Battle – the coolest combat app about superheroes this year

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher