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Elite Shooter: Sniper Killer

Elite Shooter: Sniper Killer

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The description of Elite Shooter: Sniper Killer

Elite Shooter Sniper Killer has many challenging missions, after which you can get money or props rewards!

You will be the embodiment of the elite sniper in commandos to disintegrate the militants in this area!

Pick up the gun and fight the evil militants in the city!

Game Features:
◆ Dual weapons set, the battle can carry 2 weapons, a rifle, a sniper rifle;
◆ 16 automatic rifles, 16 killer dedicated sniper rifles;
◆ Android 4.0 above all mobile phones can play;
◆ No WiFi, no problem
◆ 2 kinds of game modes: single task mode, pvp mode;
◆ Daily reward system, log in to the game can continue to receive money and props incentives.

◆ Click the left and right buttons to control the role moving around to replace the bunker;
◆ Slide the center of the screen, move the center of the aiming;
◆ Click the shooting button, turn on sight, click shooting bullet again;
◆ Click the shield to defend.

Download Elite Shooter: Sniper Killer, defeating enemies and becoming a hero!

With this year's best picture and perfect sound, Elite Shooter: Sniper Killer will let you unable to stop!

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 2.3.2 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[25.3 MB]