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Craft shooter online: Guns of pixel shooting games

Craft shooter online: Guns of pixel shooting games

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The description of Craft shooter online: Guns of pixel shooting games

Craft Shooter - zubodrobitelny shooter in the familiar world. Shoot off enemies, build a shelter, fight and defeat other players. If the wall hinders - just take it down. And then build anew.

Features of the game

+ Interactive world. Raise the strength of the blocks, hide, build bridges and tunnels to get around the opponents.

+ Dozens of weapons that you can pump, as you like. Hundreds of upgrades.

+ Falling with real players - up to 10 on one card.

+ Automatic shooting and assist in hovering. It is enough to turn towards the enemy in order to open fire. If you are used to controlling everything, you can disable both functions, together or separately.

+ Stand out from the crowd: at your disposal are many unique skins.

+ Extract resources. Smash other people's blocks and take them.

+ Pump out the equipment. Become the strongest.

On each map is different not only the environment, but also the conditions of the battle. Take the side of a detachment of police or gang of violators in the "Cops against bandits" mode. Fight in the wild jungles of the "Deadly Games". Fight with a team of opponents in the "Battle of Survival". Defend the fortress in the "Sniper forts" and drop opponents from heaven in "Air Wars". Hit the ruined city in the "Zombie Apocalypse" and visit the entertainment "Pixelmonks Park".

Arms and pumping

Special equipment is suitable for each mode. Players can pump their favorite weapons and uniforms, increasing their power.

Before entering the battle, you can pick up a good set for the card, and after death - change it, correcting the tactics. Shoot off enemies from a sniper rifle, cut them off with a good volley from a shotgun, or rush into close combat with an ax at the ready.

Among 40 weapons you will definitely find a favorite, you can improve it, increasing the lethal force, increasing accuracy and other characteristics. And for those who build more than shoots, special blocks are suitable, from which it is possible to add really strong shelters.

The more you win, the higher you climb. Each next league will open access to new types of weapons and pumping opportunities. The most important thing is your skills. Train, and sooner or later you will lead the leaderboard!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher