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Rogue buddies 2

Rogue buddies 2

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Rogue buddies 2
Rogue buddies 2
Rogue buddies 2

The description of Rogue buddies 2

In Rogue Buddies 2, you can choose from 4 mercenaries: Maximus (an assault and grenade specialist), Smoke (a gunner from heavy weapons and rocket launchers), Alfa-Tech (has an arsenal of shields and drones) and Duster (a jumping ninja with a katana) who go to a new search for gold and want to take revenge on the Company of evil. The game is a platform 2D action-shooter, reminiscent of such classic platformers, as "Metroid", "Mega Man" and others. In the game you will find a lot of levels, complete puzzles and enemies, which need to be destroyed.

[Gaming environment]

Our friends will not only face the threat in full jungle dangers, but will also visit abandoned cities, epic tunnels and the center of the earth. You will have to overcome the ruins, swim in the depths of the caves and climb the golden mountains of the Aztec jungle.


4 friends are on a mission in search of gold, but soon they will be hindered by their former bosses from the evil corporation, and also by some fierce stranger. The aborigines will be caught unawares and captured by Maximus and his team. Your task is to save your team, collect as much gold as possible and take revenge on the Company of evil.


You will constantly have to fight with bandits, machine gunners, blockers (preventing you from reaching certain zones), aborigines (very fast, hard to kill) and, of course, 4 Bosses of the Company.

[Missions / Level Design]

The game features more than 50 levels (basic and secondary). Each level ends with a certain number of stars, which are necessary to unlock zones on the map. At each level, you will encounter puzzles that require each of the character's special skills to resolve, for which it is necessary to switch between friends.


In the game there are 3 types of transport (motorcycle, helicopter, boat), from which at each individual level players need to find the key. At some levels, transport is required to complete the stage, while at other levels it is not mandatory.

Main Features

• Improved weapons
• Hard puzzles
• Different enemies of different complexity
• Traps and surprises
• Swimming under water
• Collection of rabbits (for a bonus)
• Costumes of characters
• Hacking doors
• Swinging ropes
• Ferocious Aborigines
• Stunning transportation

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher