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Magic star spaceship

Magic star spaceship

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Magic star spaceship
Magic star spaceship
Magic star spaceship

The description of Magic star spaceship

This is first chapter of "Magic Star Spaceship". Hold the spaceship to move and fire. Prevent to collide with enemies and asteroids, they destroy your spaceship.

The spaceship travels through the space and faces with different enemies. Some of them have multiple lives. Taking each life, make them more transparent and finally destroys them

Each level has a minimum required score to complete. Don’t forget to destroy more asteroids to increase the score.

The level ammo quantity is limited; check it when a level is started.

There are different bonuses at each level, e.g. shield, ammo damage, fire speed. The shields are very helpful but they are temporary. There is fire speed bonus, be careful with it because it decreases the amount of ammo faster. Try to upgrade ammo damage, it will able you to save more ammo.

There is a store where you can upgrade spaceship. If your score is not enough to upgrade, you can watch ads and earn more score.

Thanks for playing!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher