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Stickman shooter: Cover fire

Stickman shooter: Cover fire

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Terrorists seized power! As an elite member of the team E.S.A.T - Elite Stickman Assault Team - you were called to strike back and destroy terrorists by any means.

Using the cover to your advantage, the goal of each card is to shoot and kill all terrorists on each level. With 10 challenging missions to complete, you'll have to put your aim and skill with a gun on the test, if you want to finish them all!

Double tap the lid to escape and leave for it, avoiding enemy fire. Switch between your revolver and a military assault rifle and use your finger to guide you to the enemy. Click the fire button to shoot the weapons from the terrorists, kill them and strike back.

Use battle tactics and an affordable cover to make sensible tactical decisions so you can stay alive. In the end, what good is the dead soldier E.S.A.T? If your HP reaches 0, you are dead, and you must start the level again, so stay alive!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher