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Combat rush

Combat rush

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Combat rush
Combat rush
Combat rush

The description of Combat rush

A new look at the classic Snake game! Only now she is with adrenaline in the blood and a gun in her hands!
Collect your squad of professional mercenaries and defeat enemies who threaten the world with their weapons!
* Non-stop action
* Easy control of the detachment
* Ten types of mercenaries with their weapons (sniper, shooter, machine gunner, flamethrower, etc.)
* Call for support on the battlefield for assistance in operations (air strike, landing, medical, combat drone or helicopter)
* Collect tokens of defeated enemies and exchange them for new types of mercenaries and support
* Dangerous bosses and enemy equipment (jeeps, tanks, helicopters, combat robots)
* Various combat zones

* Do svayp, that would change the direction and try not to crash into obstacles. When the commander dies, you start the game from the very beginning
* Release captive soldiers and collect tokens from dead enemies
* Dial the maximum number of points
* Kill the maximum number of enemies without losing the commander

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher