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Fidget hero ninja

Fidget hero ninja

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Fidget hero ninja
Fidget hero ninja
Fidget hero ninja

The description of Fidget hero ninja

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero for City Survival? Play as a ninja hero Fidget and protect your city with the help of super heroes. Use your fighting skills Fidget Spinner & Kung fu to kill gangsters, criminals and mafia bosses. There are many crimes in the city, and people need a real hero as their defender. The Japanese mafia boss and his criminal squad spread terror on the streets of the city, killing and fighting. Start the final battle between the heroic warrior-ninja hero and bandits in the city center. The missions of the Ultimate Ninja are espionage, murder and partisan warfare. Fidget Hero Ninja is a criminal game in which the crime rate in the city is really extreme, and you are going to save people with their skills in fighting the spit and kungfu. The police and the armed forces are not able to cope with the criminal city and the murderous criminals in this game of supergenic ninjas. You have to act like the city police for the ultimate survival of the big city with your amazing superpowers. It's time to include the ultimate adventures of superheroes playing the ninja fighting games. In the city there are gangsters and criminals. Now it's your turn to fight, like a boss, and free citizens from criminals. This is a wonderful street fighting adventure with an epic adventure of Kung Fu Ninja Fighting with adventure for fighter lovers!

The story of Sam's office guy, who has a predilection for using the feeder, everyone in the office hates him and intimidates him, because he was rather tiring, so when he went to work, some bandit robbed one of his colleagues in the parking lot. In an attempt to save his colleague, Sam threw his offspring from a distance and knocked out the thug. From that day, he realized his true skills and the power of the spark. After that, he takes his skills on the streets, leaves work and decided to become a Ninja Hero-Nider to save city residents from criminals. Begin waving enemies with your caster fidget instead of a samurai sword in this Ultimate Survival game. Crush your enemies with your agility attacks ninja. Fast, secretive and deadly, to sneak up to enemy soldiers and kill them all with their powerful blows. Run up to the wall, destroy the evil gangsters with the help of a warrior-werewolf. Destroy the gods of demons with their mastery skills of Kung Fu. Kill the gangsters with a fatal blade in this game. Enjoy the latest game of the Action Hero-Ninja, blessed with energy! Ninja Fidget Hero is on a fighter mission to clear up the mess and save neighbors, friends and the city from the mafia, bandit criminals and murderers. The heroic battle between the ninja superhero and the Boss mafia brings a new vorticity when you acquire the special powers of the reversal caster! Play this battle battle in the city and kill criminals and gangsters with powerful spells. Evil mafia, committing crimes, exciting and destroying places in Japan and killing the world. Try your dangerous Kung Fu attack and do not let the evil criminal spread fear among people. Only you can risk killing a gangster as a war hero. Do not let the underground kingdom rule the streets. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a real legend of fighters against the mafia apprentice boss! Play Fidget Hero Ninja for extreme adventure-simulators!

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Version: Android 4.0 and higher