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Galactic heroes 2018: Survival war

Galactic heroes 2018: Survival war

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The description of Galactic heroes 2018: Survival war

NEW Galactic Heroes 2018 is an interstellar adventure that is out of this world!

The universe is under attack by aliens, invaders and monsters! Defeat mutants and help guard the universe in this cosmic battle! Encounter different civilizations and species. Play as a Galactic Hero with awesome and unique superpowers, strength, and agility. Whip out the Spin Attack, Grab Attack, Laser Attack, and more to crush your enemies! Prove yourself as the leader of your superhero league and restore justice in the city.

Dodge and evade obstacles and surprise attacks as invaders hide all over the planet. You never know when another surprise is about to hit! More and more are coming from spaceships! Use objects on earth such as cars, trucks, and guns in addition to your supernatural powers to throw them off. Rescue civilians and citizens of the planet. Try a combo of costumes for your galactic warrior. Finally, embrace beautiful graphics of the sky and stars at night!

Galactic Heroes 2018 Survival War Features:
• Live the life of a superhero
• Addictive game play with city and space graphics
• Engaging background music with 3D graphics
• Intuitive controls with a variety of powers
• Thrilling and challenging fighting missions
• Attack, kill, smash and survive
• Easy and fun to play

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher