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Vikings fight: North arena

Vikings fight: North arena

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The description of Vikings fight: North arena

A fighter, be ready to perform in the Northern Arena as a severe Scandinavian viking! Go from a simple sea robber, living as a Spartan, to the title of Hero of the North!

Northerners know a lot about fighters and weapons. The sons of the North are always very few, they require more and more spectacles and each time more sophisticated. Defeat your opponents in Boytsovskaya Yama. Yes, do not just cut it, but demonstrate your skill, courage, intelligence and strength!
With each level your opponent is stronger and more difficult than the previous one. To reach the end, you need to have a real fighting spirit and the will to win! You will be rewarded for this, Champion!

✔ Excellent graphics,
✔ Unique boevka: block the opponent's blow or evade, various tactics
✔ Location: fighting arenas of the cold and severe North
✔ Realistic soundtrack
✔ A large assortment of offensive weapons and defensive weapons
✔ Wide range of opponents with a variety of equipment
✔ With every fight, your opponents are getting more sophisticated and harder

Pass this difficult path of the Hero of the North, the victory of the Northern Wolf - your main enemy.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher