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Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers

Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers

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Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers
Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers
Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers

The description of Battle of superheroes: Captain avengers

"Battle of superheroes: Captain Avenger" is a fast-paced game that captures and gives you an exciting experience of the future battle. Come on! Enjoy endless combos, deadly wrestling and hand-to-hand combat in this superhero RPG game. A super hero is not born, but done.

The city of paradise of the world has turned into an evil world. City grandiose thefts, which occur on a very large scale and are clearly not controlled by the police hero of the city of survival. Strong need for very effective rescue missions. It's time for the super-captain to attack. So if you see any other disturbances in the city, you must take serious action against the bandits and the villains. Prove yourself a savior of the city, bringing ease and comfort to ordinary people. But when the captain seizes the bad guy, the bad guy runs away and sabotages. The super captain falls into the trap of the bad guy while chasing the bad guy. Antifederal investigators misunderstood the super-captain and killed the man. The bad guy took the opportunity to get cosmic magic. The task of the super-captain is to frustrate the plot of the villain and prove his innocence.

"Battle of superheroes: Captain Avenger", you must be well experienced in using superpowers with all kinds of backups of strange survival forces. You need to deal with a long list of missions. A real fictional hero who was offered to the player in this of the fighting games, he allows him to go through this battle with ring games with decent comfort with the help of martial arts. you have all the abilities, abilities and skills that can help a player win this city war crime, including ninja, karate, kung fu, kick and punch. In this best superhero game you can choose a superhero of your choice and kill another. You can play as much as you want, because in this game the superhero has something to offer.

"Battle of the Superheroes: Captain Avenger" Every time you manage to make deadly battles, you can use the money you get to buy destructive weapons and equip destructive weapons, or strengthen your attacking strength and defense strength. You can use every tactical strategy to realize your incredible fight. Do not forget that you are the savior of the urban population.

Amazing attack and the perfect killing of enemies.
Various combat missions with a superhero.
A unique upgrade system for optimal gaming experience!
Freely switch between controlling the movement of superheroes and mastering his different skills!
The final final battle of the city with super-villains in an incredible fight with a superhero.
easy-to-manage controls, and lots of skills with which you can mix destructive combos to fight enemies.
Offline mode. There is no Internet, no problems!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher