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Soul blaze: Battle edition

Soul blaze: Battle edition

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Soul blaze: Battle edition
Soul blaze: Battle edition
Soul blaze: Battle edition

The description of Soul blaze: Battle edition

Who is better? One of the world At that time of battle!
Beat opponents combos are endless gameplay!
Do you ever feel? Control of the Lord ...
Forget all RPG actions to get it! This is the perfect action of 'Soul Blaze: Battle Edition'.

Integrity, as in Thailand, England.

[Special Games]
▣ you decide to be the master of the battlefield it?
- Until it ends. But it's not the end! Fight! Before winning, do not win a death match.
(Battle 1: 5).
- became a winner and screaming to find out who we are! (Duane, 1: 1).
▣ The battle is fierce when the pet lover.
- 13 species of animals and ride them. 14 species of animals against.
- When fighting animals can move to a more solid fight!

▣ the modernization of equipment will make me stronger.
- When the device slot for sharpening Update also associated.
- and 100% of the slots and stronger!

You can check the details of notifications, events and much more on Soul Blaze: Battle version of Facebook Fan Page !!
Visit Facebook Fan Page (in Thailand) ☞ https://www.1001apk.com/SoulBlazeTH.

In order to play "Soul Blaze: Battle Edition" you need at least Android version 4.4, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and you need to connect the Internet.
Please, enough disk space, at least 0.7GB for normal play.

 [Allow access]
- the need to access data between the Soul Blaze application.

1. Allow Soul Blaze access Photos / media / files on the device.
2. Allow Soul Blaze to reach less of your location.
Soul Blaze allows you to access your Google / Facebook account while applying the sign.
[Select the access rights]
1. Allow Soul Blaze to achieve recording / reading SD cards. In order to download and install the application.
 ※ can cause downtime or the data source can not be associated with the game, even if you are not allowed.
[How to deny access].
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Devices Settings> Applications> Select the application News> Information Applications News> Accessibility> OK / Not OK.
▶ Android 6.0 reduces to the following: When updating the operating system should not deny access or remove the application.
※ This application can not choose the agreement to be reached. You can deny access to the top.

※ This game is in the preliminary stages of the OST and launching applications until March 28, 2018, when the period begins to play your data will be deleted. We will inform the user about the need to update and back to the service again in the near future. I hope we loved everything as well.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.2 and higher