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Mad town mafia storie

Mad town mafia storie

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Mad town mafia storie
Mad town mafia storie
Mad town mafia storie

The description of Mad town mafia storie

One of the best shooters! A dynamic 3D third-person shooter with cool gameplay and race elements
- A large and dynamic open world
- Photorealistic HD graphics
- Stunning cut scenes
- Purchase and control of real estate
- Intriguing storyline
- A huge variety of cars: for the family, for brutal - oil, and sport for those who like speed
- Challenge the fastest drivers on the islands
- A huge arsenal of guns to choose from! What would you prefer: the most powerful pistol in the world or the biggest hand minigun and behind the shoulders of an RPG?
- If you are far from the Internet, you can play offline, without the Internet and wifa.
- Excellent game, which you can download for free

A huge city with its history, history, on which you can leave your mark, as well as a trace of someone on your hood, hahahaha. You will visit the skin of the most outlandish bandit in the history of the island, who first worked as an ordinary office clerk, getting good money, and then decided to make a revolution in his life. A cardinal revolution.
He decided to put the whole island to his knees in any way, ranging from dealing with the bad guys who run the areas, ending up working together with the biggest Mafia bosses in history. The sale of weapons and machines did not end there. He crushed the government under him, robbed banks and seized military stores.
Ride on the best cars, carry the most powerful weapon and make the entire island submit!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 2.3 and higher