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Chained monster 2018

Chained monster 2018

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Chained monster 2018
Chained monster 2018
Chained monster 2018

The description of Chained monster 2018

BREAK FREE from your chains and take the town!

This game is the ultimate destruction experience. Release your inner BEAST and take revenge of foolish human scientists who turned you into this monster! Meet the given target of coins by maximizing destruction and completing missions. Battle iron robots, androids, police, and superheroes. It is the ultimate showdown of brawn! Chained Monster has awesome superpowers, strength and agility! Use your heavy chains to perform special moves to take down your opponents. Earth Blast, Hammer Attack, Spark Attack, and many more!

Enjoy the scenic 3D layout of a city while you engage in battles. Destroy gas stations, cars, parks, and terrorize pedestrians! Cops will try to stop you, so use your heavy chance to knock their weapons from their hands!

Sometimes to get what you want, all you need is to be a monster!

Chained Monster 2018 Features:
• Addictive game play
• Smooth & intuitive controls
• Different action packed missions with loads of thrill
• 3D graphics with City street Environment
• Engaging background music with sound effects
• Fun & Easy to play

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