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The last of DC

The last of DC

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The last of DC
The last of DC
The last of DC

The description of The last of DC

As a survivor, you need to stay alive to improve your strength, strategy and skills to survive the zombie apocalypse caused by an extremely dangerous virus. Survive with your pet friend who will fight side by side with you till the end.
Also, there is one person who deserves your care and protection when the zombie apocalypse comes. fight for her, fight for your future!
This i's a cruel world!

Background Story:
After Humans enjoy a decade of technological convenience, the potential danger has flared up.
The X virus, which is used to form organic matter in the cute transgenic organism, has been mutated.

In an accident, the X virus leaked out of laboratory through electric generator coolant and infected human beings.

People who infected with the virus became undead zombies. The whole DC was blocked due to the local authorities’ failure, and those people who survived cannot escape from this bald world ,but only struggle to live.

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 4.1 and higher
Format: .xapk
Size:[99.8 MB]

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