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China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia

China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia

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China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia
China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia
China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia
China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia

The description of China Town War Crime City Auto Gangster Mafia

Let’s move to China Town for more mafia crime city. You are the real gangster in the Chinatown mafia. Do some more fun in the criminal Chinatown. All the Chinese enemies are waiting for you. Get your weapons ready to spread some more terror around the gang. You have the complete freedom around the city criminal. Become the ultimate godfather of the grand city. Spread some crime and have fun. Enjoy this underground life. This is your time to show some skills of the grand mafia. Start the kung fu fight with other enemies. The best thug life with high speed chases and endless karate fights that will drive you crazy.
Get involve in some real crime scenes. Get your favorite car going on the road on the gun point. Take full advantage of your mafia gang as you are the master of this thug life. Conquer the whole China Town and make it a grand gang city of god father. Prove that you are the real gangster legend in this mafia game. Take out the gun and fire those who are creating trouble for others. There is no place for them. You are the real criminal and survive in the grand Chinatown crime city. Do some crime scenes in the vast area of the grand city.
This is the best grand city mafia game. Get involve in the grand big city crime robbery. Make some epic chaos in the grand downtown gang crime city. Fight for your underworld gangster life. Become the downtown mafia criminal legend. There is no other chance to become the master of the city gangster. Spread some epic wild robbery escape plan that the police cannot chase you. You are the most wanted criminal in the city of sin. You have some heavy artillery and best weapon arsenal.
Destroy whatever you want in the grand city mafia. You are the real gangster in the gang and has the full freedom to spread the destruction on the roads. Make some wildness around the roads. Show some car drifting and other drafting skills in the heavy traffic. The grand crime simulator is ready for those who want to do some crazy fun in the Chinatown mafia. Do some car thief drifting and drafting through the heavy traffic in the city of sin.
Make a strategy for the escape plan in the downtown mafia as the police can approach you anytime. This is the time to make a swift escape in the ultimate gangster war. Start the escape plan before police arrest you in the grand city. You will experience different city of sin like the China Town where you will find the gangster crime hostages and meet the gang lord. Enjoy the extreme criminal thug life. Meet the secret agent in the city of crime to upgrade your lethal weapons and get ready for the mafia game.
Unlock variety of the weapons before you run out of all the weapons. Gain more points and meet the secret agent now to unlock the weapons as soon as possible. Just complete the missions that are assigned by him, make some chaos as you wish but be careful from the police raid. You can get into some furious fist fight whenever you are run out of bullets in your weapons or have no weapons.
Epic storyline with thrilling missions.
3 gangster characters to involve in thug life
Accurate map directions to complete downtown mafia mission
Gain points through some mafia crime and unlock more weapon arsenal
Highly customized on screen controls
Enhanced HD graphics, lighting and explosion effects
Kung fu, Karate feature to fight with enemies
*******HOW TO PLAY*******
Tap to start the Chinatown gangster city game
Choose a character from multiple criminal characters
Select a thrilling escape plan to accomplish
Follow the map directions to reach to the target
Grab the weapons from the China town citizens
Get into any car you wish to reach to meet the secret agent
Check the health bar while fighting with other Chinese enemies

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up

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