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Smashy BigFoot Gorilla

Smashy BigFoot Gorilla

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Smashy BigFoot Gorilla
Smashy BigFoot Gorilla
Smashy BigFoot Gorilla
Smashy BigFoot Gorilla

The description of Smashy BigFoot Gorilla

The Giant Monster Gorilla's war for revenge has finally begun!

Smashy Bigfoot Gorilla is a test to see if you can control your rampaging powers to cause extreme chaos! Use your stealth and cleverness to carefully come up with the best course of action to STRIKE and CRUSH your opposition with merciless force!

This time the incredible gorilla has decided to take its final course of revenge in a raging city battle. Be a monster that enters the city, and fearlessly strike down your opposition with your ultimate super strength and agility!

Destroy everything that crosses your path, Smash through choppers, Crush the military forces, and Tear down the buildings!

Choose between Career and Survival mode and select your monster from the extensive collection of ferociously designed creatures. Unleash your inner beast and experience the action, thrill, and adventure of rampaging through a big city.

Jump into the amazing world of fighting and rampage and get ready to show off those fighting skills! Complete the missions and unlock your hidden potential! Enjoy the different action packed levels with endless thrills and adventures that await you! Now get out there and destroy the city!

Prove your might and become the Ultimate Villain of the Big City!

Smashy BigFoot Gorilla Features:

• Wide selection of monsters to control
• Addictive gameplay
• Smooth & Intuitive controls
• Thrilling, action packed missions
• Realistic Physics in the city smashing environment
• 3D graphics with a City Street Environment
• Engaging background music with crisp sound effects
• Fun & Easy to play

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4 and up